How to Register a Domain Name?

Step by step process to Register a Domain Name.


Step – 1 Please open our website

Step – 2 There you will find the Domain Registration field.

Step – 3 Please fill with your domain name first with that field and select the extension as next box. For example .com, net, org, .in etc and.

Step – 4 Click on Submit button (It will check the availability for registration of your domain and display the message).

Step – 5 If the domain is available then fill the captcha code.

Step – 6 Click on Order Now Button and click on checkout.

Step – 7 After that please fill in your details.

Step – 8 Click on the checkbox.

Step – 9 Click to complete order.

After that you will be getting the invoice with our payment details, please make the payment and send an email with your Invoice No or Order Details.

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